Smart Supply Chain and Secure IoT Solutions.

Decentralized Ledger Technology for the secure exchange of physical and digital assets

Authenticiti is an application layer built on blockchain technology to enable end-to-end supply chain collaboration, automation and transparency. Using blockchain technology, we bring your silo’d data together into a single source of truth and automate business logic. Our solution enables secure supply chain digitization for significant cost-savings and efficiency gains.

Our solution

Blockchain technology for streamlined collaboration, secure data sharing and accountability.

Single Source of Truth
The Authenticiti Platform uses a proprietary data ingestion layer to integrate with your enterprise systems and consolidate supply chain data into one secure layer. This enables real time automation of business logic across departments and stakeholders using smart contract technology. Ensure compliance with streamlined auditability and gain valuable data insights with a single view of the entire chain.
Smart Contracts
Smart contracts are tamper proof, self-executing digital agreements, which guarantee the execution of business logic or transactions with external parties without need for intermediaries. Automate manual or non-value added processes in real time to generate significant cost savings and increase your margins.
IoT Data Security
Authenticiti’s proprietary application of PKI assigns unique digital identities for any IOT device or sensor. Permissioned access protocols granularly define data sharing between individuals or devices (M2M). Decentralized ledger technology ensures no single point of failure and smart contracts guarantee tamper proof execution of data sharing protocols. All activity is immutably logged on the Authenticiti blockchain for complete data provenance.
Supply Chain Finance
Authenticiti’s decentralized technology provides the trusted network needed to enable real time collaboration with supply chain partners. Blockchain immutability ensures receivables fraud is impossible and that all parties act on the same verified data. Smart contracts enable the automation of processes such as early-payment or reverse factoring. Gain deep tier supplier visibility and provide them with access to cheaper capital or reverse factoring programs.
Supply Chain Automation
Reconcile supply chain data from legacy systems into one secure network. Automate business logic and transactions across your supply chain to remove all non-value added activity from your operations.
Supply Chain Finance
Instantly approve suppliers for reverse factoring and dynamically automate early-payment programs. Create a link with deep tier suppliers for more visibility and less risk.
Secure IoT
Blockchain enforced permissioned access protocols ensure data is only accessible by authorized agents. Smart contract technology ensures guaranteed execution of authorized data sharing protocols.

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