Supply Chain Automation

Automate business logic and gain end-to-end visibility over the entire chain.

  • Supply chain data is fragmented across multiple legacy systems
  • Paper documents are still used to accompany the movement of goods
  • Data has to be manually rekeyed, documents have to be manually prepared and distributed the right stakeholders.
  • This results in disputes, reduced speed to market and lost sales that cost apparel companies over $500B per year
Our Solution
  • Reconcile supply chain data from all relevant systems into a secure single source of truth
  • Automate trade document distribution and approval collection to reduce overhead
  • Automate transactions, data or document reconciliation and business logic in real time with smart contracts
  • Remove all non-value added or manual activity from your supply chain processes to increase speed to market, increase cost-savings and increase sales
How it Works
  1. Authenticiti’s proprietary data ingestion layer intakes data from existing enterprise systems (ERP, WMS, TMS, Accounting Software etc.)
  2. Trade documents are digitized and converted to self-executing smart contracts
  3. Proprietary application of public key infrastructure (PKI), ensures that supply chain data or documents are only shared on a permissioned basis with authorized parties
  4. Authenticiti Web Portal enables seamless onboarding of supply chain partners without the need for extensive integration efforts

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