Supply Chain Finance

Automate supply chain finance transactions on one secure network & create a link with deep tier suppliers

  • Pressure to increase working capital and extend DPO results in poorly capitalized suppliers which leads to delays, increased COGS and greater risk in the supply chain
  • Silo’d data and documents obstructs reconciliation needed to approve reverse factoring requests for suppliers
  • Lack of a secure network with transparency creates opportunities for fraud and double financing of a supplier’s receivables
  • Deep tier suppliers lack collateral they can present to lending institutions which translates down the chain into increased COGS, risk and delays for the buyer
Our Solution
  • Authenticiti Platform acts as a decentralized network enabling multi-party collaboration upon mutually trusted data
  • Smart contracts can automate reverse factoring approval and early-payment programs in real time
  • Authenticiti blockchain records complete supplier financing history for each collateralized document making fraud impossible
  • Authenticiti blockchain enables a trusted link to deep tier suppliers who can collateralize their purchase orders for access to capital or reverse factoring endorsements from the buyer
How it Works
  1. Authenticiti blockchain reconciles supply chain data, trade documents and transaction history into secure decentralized network
  2. Authenticiti Web Portal enables easy access for lending institutions to receive and process reconciled documents
  3. Smart contracts leverage supply chain data reconciled across supply chain ecosystem to automate SCF transactions in real time with legal enforceability

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