IoT Data Security

Blockchain based digital identities for IOT devices with scoped permissioned access protocols

  • Industrial IoT sensor data stored on traditional centralized databases are not secure and can be fraudulently altered
  • Access control protocols defining who can access sensitive IoT data stored on centralized databases can be fraudulently altered and are vulnerable to single point of failure
  • Protocols on centralized databases for scheduling maintenance or alerting stakeholders when machine health is low are critical but risk malicious compromise or unplanned downtime
  • The number of connected sensors and devices is rapidly proliferating and centralized databases cannot provide the security needed to enable interoperability and unlock full benefits
Our Solution
  • Authenticiti blockchain creates secure digital identities for each individual IoT device or sensor
  • Permissioned access protocols for sensitive IoT data enforced by decentralized ledger technology and are not susceptible for fraudulent alteration or single point of failure
  • Tamper proof smart contracts use IoT data as trusted inputs and guarantee execution of critical business logic or machine replenishment protocols
  • Authenticiti blockchain network enables secure interoperability between connected IoT devices and frictionless adoption of new sensors
How it Works
  1. Authenticiti integrates with existing cloud based infrastructure as a module or directly ingests data from IOT sensors
  2. Secure digital identities created for authorized individuals or trusted IOT devices and published to Authenticiti blockchain
  3. Permissioned access protocols which granularly define data sharing authorizations between individuals and IOT devices published to Authenticiti blockchain
  4. Smart contracts for data sharing or protocols execution defined and cryptographically approved by authorized individuals and published to Authenticiti blockchain

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