Use Cases


Dispute Elimination

Overlaying on top of existing systems of record, automating manual workflows and providing alerts to ensure key SLA obligations are met, payment is received on-time and factoring costs are reduced.

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Track and Trace

Overlaying on top of existing systems of record, providing multi-tier supplier inventory visibility – all in real-time. Ensure customer deliveries are met on-time and react quickly to mitigate any supplier risks.

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Core Differentiators

Authenticiti provides a supply chain data platform to overlay on top of existing systems and automate inefficient processes.

Rapid Deployment

The entire platform is packaged in a lightweight container allowing quick deployment to any public cloud, virtual private cloud or on-premise. Start using the platform and unlocking value in hours, not days or weeks.

No-Code Data Mapping

Business users can select the desired field/transaction/system to combine, join and map together with related fields from external systems. This process streamlines the previously complex task of mapping duplicate fields between siloed enterprise systems.

Distributed Encryption

The Platform leverages key sharding encryption combined with blockchain infrastructure for highly secure, federated data sharing. Drag and drop data from enterprise systems to share with users. Sensitive data can be shared directly from on-premise server or hybrid cloud behind the corporate firewall.

No-Code Worklows

Business users can select desired fields/transactions/systems and convert complex error prone, manual workflows to automated workflows with a drag and drop interface. You can also create custom alerts to be informed of key supply chain events or risks in real-time

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