Author: Andrew Yang

Daher teams up with Authenticiti to create an open blockchain solution for the aerospace supply chain

San Francisco, California, USA, April 8, 2019 – An open blockchain application platform for the aerospace industry has been developed through a collaboration of Daher’s Silicon Valley-based innovation program, named Armstrong; and Authenticiti, a start-up that offers enterprise-grade, blockchain infrastructure through a simple cloud-based service. In optimizing Authenticiti’s blockchain technology for the aerospace sector, this […]

Supply Chain Digitization Comes of Age for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers

Digital supply chain transformation is reaching its adolescence and, as parents of teenagers often counsel younger parents struggling with mischievous toddlers, “small children may pose small problems, but just wait; bigger children create bigger problems!”  For complex and increasingly automated supply chain management operations, the burgeoning volume of mission-critical data siloed in disparate systems (often […]