Modern supply chains are a web of data exchanges sourced from multiple parties, siloed in different enterprise systems and stored in multiple formats. 

This problem can reduce your working capital through reconciliation costs, disputes with partners over errors and poor inventory optimization.

The Authenticiti Platform synchronizes data from third party applications and supply chain partners into a single, decentralized database or blockchain.

Blockchain networks provide an unprecedented level of security and resilience to ensure no central intermediary controls ecosystem data and all parties can trust recorded events. 

Asset records, trade documents and location data are auto-reconciled on the blockchain ledger in real-time to increase your working capital and eliminate disputes without disrupting existing business processes.

Blockchain technology ensures nothing published is ever lost. End-to-end data and document audit trails streamline compliance and reduce auditing costs.

Application Templates

Rapidly configurable application templates

Asset Provenance

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Multi-Enterprise Reconciliation

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Key Benefits

Authenticiti provides enterprise grade blockchain infrastructure ready to be deployed to a public cloud or virtual private cloud.

Rapid Deployment

All modules and dependencies are fully dockerized in a lightweight container allowing quick deployment to any public cloud, virtual private cloud or on-premise. Stand up a private blockchain in hours, not days or weeks.

Scalable Networks

A middleware services layer integrates, extracts and transforms data from incumbent enterprise applications to a standard format on-chain. Consensus algorithm customization enables high volumes of real data stored on the network.

Distributed Encryption

Key sharding ensures that each connected peer has unilateral control over how their data is shared with other peers. Key shard management and data sharing is streamlined through a simple front-end interface.

Custom Templates

Configurable smart contract templates for workflow automation and secure data-sharing across multiple parties. Convert application and business logic into distributed workflow automation leveraging data stored on-chain or from external enterprise applications.

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