Asset Provenance

Validated real time data across an assets lifecycle

The Authenticiti Platform ingests, standardizes and consolidates fragmented enterprise application data to provide industrial manufacturers a single view of an assets current status. 

Field mapping discrepancies and duplicates are removed to form an accurate data hierarchy of a parent asset and its sub-components.

The Asset Provenance template provides users with the functionality to view asset data from production to delivery in a consolidated front-end interface. Fields, tables and user permissions can be rapidly customized for specific workflows.

Key Features

  • Data visualized in a simple, configurable table format with restricted views for user roles (i.e. production, in-transit and logistics/receiving etc.).
  • Secure document storage and relationship mapping to specific assets or sub-components (i.e. QA documents).
  • Secure documents sharing, revision tracking and user comments.
  • Configurable notification triggers to users triggered by specific state changes pushed from enterprise applications.
  • Visible data-audit trail of all user actions and events across the assets provenance lifecycle.

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