Dispute Resolution

Streamline disputes and increase working capital


In B2B networks, disputes between trading partners generates billions of dollars in waste every year.

Fragmented records of purchase orders, invoices or billing information across multiple databases and partners creates different versions of the truth.

This problem directly ties up working capital, generates cost from reconciliation efforts and strains business relationships.

Our Solution

The Authenticiti Platform enables trading partners to synchronize records into a shared blockchain ledger to resolve disputes immediately.

Purchase orders, invoices, supplier or customer billing information can be published to the blockchain network ensuring records are always fully synchronized, accurate and up-to-date.

Data standard presets are enforced on any information stored on-chain to prevent discrepancies across enterprise systems or partners.

End-to-end data audit trails enable a complete history of documents, records and revisions/updates. Disputes can be resolved quickly with both parties able to access a mutually trusted record of events.

Key Benefits

  • Document validation – all uploaded documents are hashed and encrypted to securely record integrity and origination.
  • Front-end interface to upload documents, share documents, make revisions or comments.
  • Secure Sharing – Authorized parties can share documents, approve documents or make revisions to documents through one platform enforced through encryption and key sharing.
  • Digital asset provenance – complete history of document revisions, comments made by parties, approval or rejection associated with each document in a chronological stream accessible to authorized accounts.

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