Multi-Enterprise Reconciliation

Synchronize data with trading partners and increase working capital

The Authenticiti Platform ingests, standardizes and consolidates fragmented enterprise application data to reconcile financial information across multiple parties.

Field mapping discrepancies and duplicates are removed. Complex reconciliation logic such as rebate calculations can be converted to smart contracts to produce accurate results in real-time and resolve disputes. Purchase order and payment data can be auto-reconciled to eliminate mis-applied invoices and increase working capital.

The Multi-Enterprise Reconciliation template provides users with the functionality to view multi-party data sets in a simple front-end interface. Smart contract templates for rebate calculation or mis-applied invoice matching can be quickly re-configured to meet complex and specific requirements. Unreconciled data can be applied to exception handling rules with features for streamlined dispute resolution.

Key Features

  • Simple, configurable table views for raw data sets, reconciled data-sets and data flagged for exception handling.
  • Smart contract templates to map reconciliation logic to ingested data-sets for real-time output calculation.
  • Filters to refine queries of the data-sets (raw data and reconciled data).
  • Interface to drill into specific fields in the data sets and add comments.
  • Interface for exception handling and dispute resolution.
  • Secure document storage and relationship mapping to specific fields.
  • Secure documents sharing, revision tracking and user comments.
  • Configurable notification triggers to users triggered by specific state changes pushed from enterprise applications.
  • Validated data-audit trail of all user actions and events.

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