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Authenticiti offers reliable, scalable, and secure deployments of blockchain networks. Built with open source Ethereum, Authenticiti provides enterprise grade blockchain infrastructure designed for rapid deployments to a public cloud, private cloud or on-premise. 

Through Authenticiti, your developers can rapidly deploy decentralized and encrypted blockchain networks or proof-of-concepts without building or maintaining infrastructure themselves. A standard REST API makes it simple to interact with the network. 

Core Differentiators

Authenticiti provides enterprise grade blockchain infrastructure ready to be deployed to a public cloud or virtual private cloud.

Rapid Deployment

All modules and dependencies are fully dockerized in a lightweight container allowing quick deployment to any public cloud, virtual private cloud or on-premise. Stand up a private blockchain in hours, not days or weeks.

Encrypted Networks

Key sharding ensures that each connected peer has unilateral control over how their data is shared with other peers. Key shard management and data sharing is streamlined through a simple front-end interface.

Low Latency

Any volume of transactions can be published in near-real time if required. High volumes of on-chain data is fully supported. Choose and configure from a selection of consensus algorithms to suit the use case.

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