Inventory Visibility

Synchronize data with trading partners and increase working capital

The Authenticiti Platform enables enterprises to track the status of asset movements or supply chain events across trading partners in real time. 

Blockchain networks allow each party to mutually trust the validity and integrity of documents or asset records published to the chain.

Data format discrepancies from different enterprise systems are standardized on-chain for synchronized data sharing across the blockchain network.

Improve production routing and reduce inventory levels for just-in-time delivery. Supply chain events and documents are reconciled in real time to free up working capital and increase speed-to-market. 

Figure 1. Authenticiti Blockchain reconciles supply chain data across network peers.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time data stream – track asset movements or events across trading partners in real-time
  • Smart Contracts – asset tracking data (i.e. RFID or GPS) can be used as triggers for workflow automation such as distributing trade documents.
  • Document validation – all uploaded documents are hashed and encrypted to securely record integrity and origination.
  • Front-end interface to upload documents, share documents, make revisions or comments.
  • Secure Sharing – Authorized parties can share documents, approve documents or make revisions to documents through one platform enforced through encryption and key sharing.
  • Digital asset provenance – complete history of document revisions, comments made by parties, approval or rejection associated with each document in a chronological stream accessible to authorized accounts.

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