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Modern supply chains are a web of data exchanges sourced from multiple parties, siloed in different enterprise systems and stored in multiple formats.

The Authenticiti Supply Chain Platform is an overlay on top of existing systems of record to aggregate critical supply chain data into a single-source-of-truth.

Distributed Trust

The platform is powered by secure deployments of blockchain networks.  It provides an unprecedented level of security and resilience to ensure no central intermediary controls the ecosystem data, and all parties can trust recorded events.



The entire platform is packaged in a lightweight container allowing quick deployment to a public, on-premise or hybrid cloud in hours, not days or weeks.


Key sharding encryption combined with blockchain infrastructure for highly secure, federated data sharing.


No-code needed – configurable smart contracts, that convert complex manual workflows to automated transactions based on predetermined actions and triggers.  Map user identity authorization to smart contract logic to enable permissioned data-sharing across multiple parties.


Automate data extraction of related fields from siloed applications, documents and emails into a single user-friendly interface dashboard.  Streamline complex task of mapping duplicate fields between siloed enterprise systems.

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