Track & Trace Enablement

Authenticiti overlays on top of manufacturer’s ERP systems and provides visibility to asset data from production to delivery in a consolidated front-end interface.  Distributed security and blockchain infrastructure ensures only data pertinent to SLA obligations is accessed by authorized parties and that all events occurred as recorded. The solution focuses on aggregating, securing, and time stamping component manufacturing, as well as quality assurance and delivery stages in real-time from tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.

Dispute Resolution Enablement

Authenticiti enables users to synchronize records into a shared blockchain ledger to resolve disputes immediately.  Purchase orders, invoices, contracts, and billing information can be published to the blockchain network ensuring records are always fully synchronized, accurate and up-to-date.

End-to-end data audit trails enable a complete history of documents, records, and revisions/updates. Disputes can be resolved quickly with both parties able to access a mutually trusted record of events.

Vendor Managed Inventory Enablement

Authenticiti helps manufacturers gain visibility into supplier stock to balance inventory levels and avoid overproduction and stockouts.

Authenticiti connects manufacturers and inventory management applications with their supplier’s ERPs and enables plant and procurement managers to configure automated inventory replenishment rules based on established  thresholds.  This ensures the manufacturer has optimal inventory levels to meet demand at all times.

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